Kilmartin Glen contains at least 150 prehistoric monuments, including cairns, cists, standing stones and rock carvings.  Archaeological excavation is a destructive process, so few sites are excavated entirely.  Information and artefacts obtained from sample pits or ditches are analysed to interpret a site.  The locations of artefacts & features and relationships between them enable archaeologists to deduce how and when the artefacts and features were probably used.


Who’s that girl? – acrylic – 1.6m


Stone voices – textile panel – 20″x20″


Who’s that girl? – acrylic – 1.6m

Poltalloch I – linocut – 8x8cm – edition: 10


Look closer – 57x36cm

Excavation V – 65x50cm

Excavation IV – 69x42cm

Archaeology – 27x110cm

Strata V – 108x35cm

Strata IV – 44x107cm

Strata III – 35x89cm


The hunt for lost things

Objects of scientific interest – 25x104cm

Signs of life – 26x138cm

Strata II – 22.5x90cm

Strata I – 43x101cm

Excavations III – 61x41cm

Excavations II – 64x42cm

Excavations I – 80x60cm


Nether Largie IV 30x53cm

Layers IV – 18x35cm

Layers III – Collagraph – 22x22cm – edition: 3

Nether Largie III

Nether Largie II

Nether Largie I

Layers II – 19x43cm

Layers I – 28x33cm