Look at any randomly selected piece of your world.  Encoded deep in the biology of every cell in every blade of grass, in every insect’s wing, in every bacterium cell, is the history of the third planet from the Sun in a Solar System making its way lethargically around a galaxy called the Milky Way.  Its shape, form, function, colour, smell, taste, molecular structure, arrangement of atoms, sequence of bases, and possibilities for the future are all absolutely unique. There is nowhere else in the observable Universe where you will see precisely that little clump of emergent, living complexity.  It is wonderful.
-brian cox


phoresis – collage – 21x30cm


Waggle dance – screenprint – c.20x30cm – varied edition of 3 prints

Swarm intelligence II – screenprint – c.20x30cm – varied edition of 5 prints


Swarm intelligence – screenprint – c.20x28cm

Hive mind – screenprint – 15x24cm

Flight – screenprint – 15x24cm

Forage – screenprint – 15x15cm – varied edition

Save me – screenprint & collage – 15x24cm

Find – acrylic on paper – 28x38cm

Search – acrylic on paper – 28x38cm


The honeycomb conjecture – cyanotype – varied edition

I am part of you and you are part of me – quilts & fabric design


The horticulturalist’s dream – cyanotype – 5x23cm


Blueprint – screenprint – 13x13cm


Genome I – screenprint – 20x20cm – varied edition: 30