Art in lockdown, far from the madding crowd in Cheviot, North Canterbury, New Zealand.

Turning up to the studio every day.

Looking through the window – watching the sun and the moon – noticing the season change, from summer, to autumn, to winter.  Listening to podcasts on psychology, neuroscience, genetics, physics, artificial intelligence, ethics, religion, politics, existential threats, …  Listening to music.  Listening to the birds.  Reading poetry.  Slowing down.


Recording a thought every day in the form of a haiku or tanka, bashed out on an old typewriter and stuck into a copy of Thomas Hardy’s Far from the madding crowd with an accompanying painting or collage or print.  Turning some of the daily thoughts into paintings.

The days are just packed.


Not dark yet – acrylic on paper – 28cmx38cm

Change gonna come – acrylic on paper – 28cmx38cm

Gathering storm – acrylic on paper – 28cmx38cm

The data collector II

The data collector I

Illumine II

Illumine I

Song of the sun

Suncatcher III – acrylic on paper – 28x38cm

Suncatcher II – acrylic on paper – 28x38cm

Suncatcher I – acrylic on paper – 28x38cm

Let the sun shine in – acrylic on paper – 28x38cm

Gathering moonbeams III – acrylic on paper – 28x38cm

Gathering moonbeams II – acrylic on paper

Gathering moonbeams I – acrylic on paper

The gift – acrylic on paper

Ctrl-alt-del – acrylic on paper

Brave new world – acrylic on paper

The long ago – acrylic on paper

The mind in the cave – acrylic on paper