We are all natural philosophers.  It is human to attempt to describe, understand and explain the world around us, so the artist’s studio is as much a place of enquiry and research as the laboratory.

Natural philosophy was the common term for the study of the physical universe until the 19th century.  This covered a broad range of subjects, including physics, chemistry, biology, botany, zoology, anthropology, astronomy, cosmology, …

Drawing on my background in engineering, I use scientific hypotheses, theories, formulae, graphs, tables and texts as my visual vocabulary in works that help me make sense of the world.

I use whatever medium is on hand – relief printing, screen printing, collage (analogue & digital), cyanotype, paint, textile & assemblage.

Nullius in verba – monoprint – 36x54cm

The principle of inertia – monoprint – 30x30cm

Rocket science – monoprint – 30x30cm

Action-reaction – monoprint – 30x30cm

All heat is of the same kind – monoprint – 36x36cm

The impossibility of perpetual motion – monoprint – 36x36cm

The big chill – monoprint – 36x36cm

The unattainability of zero – monoprint – 36x36cm

Hawking’s nemesis – lasercut plywood – diameter 50cm

A critical juncture – collage – 36x28cm

Dialogue concerning the two chief world systems – collage – 25x25cm

Starry messenger – collage – 20x20cm

Colony: Mars – digital collage – 32x22cm

Colony: Moon – digital collage – 32x22cm

If Mars is the answer, what is the question? – screenprint – 60x40cm

Black holes and revelations – monoprint – 60x40cm

Tranquillity Base – screenprint – 60x40cm

Blue planet – monoprint – 60x40cm

Bodies of water – monoprint – 60x40cm

Mostly water – monoprint – 60x40cm

Star stuff – cyantoype – 25x25cm