Dr Finlay’s Casebook is a collection of stories about Dr Finlay, Dr Cameron and their housekeeper Janet in the fictional Scottish village of Tannochbrae in the 1920s.  The stories are based on author AJ Cronin’s own experiences as a doctor.  The BBC adapted the stories for television in the 1960s, and again in the 1990s.

Jo Hood of the Head Medical recruitment agency claimed that the depiction of the rural Scottish GP practice in Dr Finlay’s Casebook is hindering attempts to solve the country’s GP shortage, putting off potential candidates.  (The Independent, 2 October 2016)


Have another kipper, doctor! – digital collage

Doctor Finlay, I presume – digital collage

Dammit, Janet! – digital collage

The name’s Finlay, Doctor Finlay – digital collage

Another teacake, Dr Cameron? – digital collage