ritual landscapes

The ritual landscape of Kilmartin Glen contains at least 150 prehistoric monuments, including cairns, cists, standing stones rock carvings, a three-mile linear cemetery of five cairns, henge monuments and the Iron Age hill fort at Dunadd, stronghold of the Gaelic kings of Dál Riata between the 6th and 9th centuries.


Linear XI

Linear X – 57x74cm

Linear IX – 74x64cm

Kilmartin II – 90x65cm

Kintraw – 49x49cm

Linear VIII – 42x95cm

Linear VII – 28x65cm

Linear VI – 37.5x89cm

Linear V – 28x65cm

Linear IV – 42x95cm

Dunadd – 32x9cm


Deeptime – single bed quilt


Linear III – 27x90cm

Linear II – 36x78cm

Linear I – 32x101cm

Ritual landscape XVI – 59x86cm

Ritual landscape XV – 31x64cm

Ritual landscape XIV – 35x81cm

Ritual landscape XIII – 34x56cm

Ritual landscape XII – 31x56vm

Ritual landscape XI – 1x36cm

Ritual landscape X – 25x35cm

Kilmartin triptych IV – 90x110cm

Kilmartin triptych III – 90x100cm

Kilmartin triptych II – 83x110cm

Kilmartin triptych I – 83x110cm

Temple wood V – 25x110cm

Temple wood IV – 25x110cm

Ritual landscape IX – 23x65cm

Ritual landscape VIII – 23x65cm

Ritual landscape VII – 23x65cm


Ritual landscape VI – 21x36cm

Ritual landscape V – 19x36cm

Cup & ring IV

Cup & ring III

Cup & ring II

Cup & ring I