standing stones series

Kilmartin Glen in Argyll is one of the richest prehistoric landscapes in Scotland. The Ballymeanoch & Nether Largie standing stones were probably erected more than 3,500 years ago.

Textile panels


Stones VIII 16x54cm

Stones VII 14x52cm

Nether Largie IV 30x53cm

Ballymeanoch II 25x54cm


Stones VI 25x37cm

Stones V 32x41cm

Stones IV 32x84cm

Stones III 17x38cm

Stones II 35x40cm

Stones I 20x32cm

Nether Largie III

Nether Largie II

Nether Largie I

Ballymeanoch I: 23x38cm


Standing stones III: 55x115cm

Standing stones II: 75x125cm

Standing stones I: 75x125cm