the hunt for lost things

Kilmartin Glen contains at least 150 prehistoric monuments, including cairns, cists, standing stones and rock carvings.  Archaeological excavation is a destructive process, so few sites are excavated entirely.

Information and artefacts obtained from sample pits or ditches are analysed to describe and interpret a site.  The locations of artefacts and features, and the relationships between them, are recorded precisely, and this enables the archaeologist to deduce which artefacts and features were probably used together, and which may be from different phases of activity, if a site was occupied by a succession of people over time.

These textile panels  feature text from a catalogue of late neolithic and bronze age pottery and metalwork in Kilmartin, from Kilmartin: An Inventory of the Monuments, extracted from Argyll Volume 6, a publication by the Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monumental of Scotland.


The hunt for lost things

Objects of scientific interest – 25x104cm

Signs of life – 26x138cm

Strata II – 22.5x90cm

Strata I – 43x101cm

Excavations III – 61x41cm

Excavations II – 64x42cm

Excavations I – 80x60cm


Layers IV – 18x35cm

Layers II – 19x43cm

Layers I – 28x33cm