dunollie spoons

the answer is blowin’ in the wind ….

…. but you have to ask your own questions. This installation in the Fairy Garden at Dunollie House in Oban was inspired by the wooden spoons in the house’s Hope MacDougall Collection – thousands of items from the working and domestic lives of Scottish people. I was interested in how the humble kitchen utensil became…


New Zealand’s attraction as a land of economic opportunity motivated many Scots, including my own family, to journey to the far side of the globe to improve their lives. As a teenager, it was tough to start with, wrenched from family, friends and familiar places.  However, I was warmly welcomed by Kiwis, well-educated and found…

La Patte - acrylic painting

la patte

Painted self-portrait of a printmaker, including a ‘pawprint’.  Irredeemably retinal … Acrylic 50x40cm “In French there is an old expression, ‘la patte’, meaning the artist’s touch, his personal style, his ‘paw’. I wanted to get away from ‘la patte’ and from all that retinal painting.” -marcel duchamp