who's that girl? sculpture

who’s that girl?

A Poltalloch woman wearing some Neolithic bling.  The unusual jet necklace was found in a cist at Poltalloch in Argyll and it is now in the National Museum of Antiquities of Scotland.  Little is known about who wore it and why.  Both the person and the necklace have left only ghostly traces in Kilmartin Glen.…

we have all the time in the world

we have all the time in the world?

Louis Armstrong singing “We have all the time in the world” is one of my desert island discs. “We have only 10 billion years until the supply of hydrogen in the Sun’s core is exhausted and it enters its Red Giant phase, rendering Earth uninhabitable” was probably difficult to match to a melody and definitely…

Hawking's nemesis

hawking’s nemesis

The event horizon hypothesis is replaced by the apparent horizon hypothesis. Laser-cut plywood Diameter c. 50cm £150 I used to think information was destroyed in black holes.  This was my biggest blunder, or at least my biggest blunder in science.” -stephen hawking



Acrylic & gold leaf on wood 10x10x30cm Sold “Across the entire human population, only 1-2% has red hair in its various shades.   But in Scotland 13% of our 5 million people are redheads and about 30% carry one of the genetic variants needed to pass that characteristic  from one generation to the next.” Alistair Moffat,…