Claremont Villa, Oban mosaic

a monument to persistence: 2012

Year 5 Days 64-68: The White Tiger of the West & disordered chess board Days 69-72: Diamonds are forever Days 73-75: The phoenix of the south and circles Days 76-77: More diamonds Day 78: A love story – seatbacks based around Bjorn Wiinblad month plates “Decorate your home.  It gives the illusion that your life…

a monument to persistence: 2009

Year 2 Days 22-23: The steps to the cottage.  Tiled twice, the second time with mortar after the first experiment with glue and grout failed in Oban’s damp climate … Days 24-26: A little Feng Shui – the black turtle of the north, incorporating hand-painted tiles fired in Mick’s kiln.  Tiled twice, the second time…

a monument to persistence: 2008

Year 1 Armed with some basic mosaic skills by Maureen at Pataka Pottery, work begins on the mosaic at Claremont Villa. Days 1-7: The seat spirals incorporate tiles cut beautifully from old crockery by the wonderful Jean Days 8-21: Work on the benches continues, filling between the seat spirals, adding a chess table and some…

Waimakariri - mosaic


The snow-fed Waimakariri river flows about 150 kilometres from the Southern Alps to the Pacific Ocean across the Canterbury Plains, and is braided with wide shingle beds for much of its length. Pataka Pottery tiles & Waimakariri river pebbles Image size: 50x50cm