Claremont Villa - mosaic

a monument to persistence

“Decorate your home.  It gives the illusion that your life is more interesting than it really is.” -charles m schulz 2019 – days 113-125 – a new tile shed, some maintenance, some re-work and the buttresses 2014 – days 105-112 2013 – days 79-103 – upper bench completed 2012 – days 64-78 2011 – days…

Temptation - Oban Chocolate Company


Some chocolate-themed old master paintings… Installation – framed digital collages on aluminium Commissioned by the Oban Chocolate Company “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” -charles m schulz

dunollie spoons

the answer is blowin’ in the wind ….

…. but you have to ask your own questions. This installation in the Fairy Garden at Dunollie House in Oban was inspired by the wooden spoons in the house’s Hope MacDougall Collection – thousands of items from the working and domestic lives of Scottish people. I was interested in how the humble kitchen utensil became…

pain inflicted, suffering endured, injustice done

There were an estimated 4,000-6,000 witchcraft trials in Scotland, three times more than in England.  About three quarters of the accused were women. Scottish witchcraft trials were notable for their use of pricking: the suspect’s skin was pierced with needles and pins, as it was believed that witches could not feel pain.  Confessions were often…

the fates installation

the fates

The witches in Shakespeare’s “Macbeth” are often interpreted as representing the Fates of classical mythology. They appear at the birth of each person, spinning, measuring, and cutting the thread of life. The Old English word ‘wyrd’ or ‘weird’ means ‘fate’. Clotho spun the thread of life from her Distaff onto her Spindle. Lachesis measured the…

The Catch, Oban - Esplanade installation

the catch

Celebrating oceanography in Oban as part of the Festival of the Sea, run by the Scottish Association for Marine Science (SAMS), one of the oldest oceanographic organisations in the world. I made nearly 900 fish.  Thanks to all the elves who contributed to the installation by making and hanging additional fish, and especially to Lindsay…