waitaiki - linocut


This image was inspired by a greenstone (pounamu) tiki I made, with a lot of help from Steve and Aaron, at Bonz’n’Stonz in Hokitika, What I can remember of the origin of pounamu, as told to me by Aaron… The taniwha Poutini captured a beautiful woman named Waitaiki in the North Island.  When Waitaiki’s husband…

the seismologists - painting

the seismologists

New Zealand is located on the boundary of the Australian and Pacific tectonic plates so experiences earthquakes regularly. Acrylic & collage on 640gsm Fabriano paper 28x38cm £150 “Earth is ancient now, but all knowledge is stored up in her.  She keeps a record of everything that has happened since time began.  Of time before time,…

form - screenprint


Buachaille Etive Mòr stands between Glen Etive and Glen Coe.   Its pyramidal shape makes it one of the most easily recognisable mountains in Scotland. Screenprint 28x37cm Edition: 10 prints £120 Where there is matter, there is geometry. -johannes kepler

let the sky fall - screenprint

let the sky fall

Over millennia, rocks tumble from mountains such as Buachaille Etive Mòr and are converted into gravel and sand by fast flowing rivers like the River Etive. Screenprint 25x40cm Edition: 10 prints Where there is matter, there is geometry. -johannes kepler

the surface of deeptime - screenprint

the surface of deeptime

Buachaille Etive Mor was created by eruption of the Glen Coe volcano over 400 million years ago and sculpted into its current form since then by weather, gravity and glaciers. Screenprint 21x30cm Edition: 6 prints £90 Where there is matter, there is geometry. -johannes kepler


Canterbury’s braided rivers transport shattered greywacke rocks from the Southern Alps over the Canterbury plains to the Pacific Ocean, transforming them into rounded boulders. Acrylic on 640gsm Fabriano paper 28x28cm Varied edition: 4 $150