intaglio prints

Collagraphs & etchings are INTAGLIO prints: the image is created from a plate that holds ink in areas below the plate’s surface. I create collagraphs by cutting into and sticking material – paper, card, string, fabric, leaves – onto a thin card base. The finished plate is varnished to enable it to withstand inking and…

layers iii - collagraph

layers iii

Archaeologists, historians, geologists, botanists and geographers peel back and sift through layers of landscape and artifacts to investigate the meaning of the cairns, standing stones and carved rocks of Kilmartin Glen.  This work features the Ballymeanoch standing stones. Collagraph Image size 22x22cm Varied edition: 3 prints Sold out

temple wood i - collagraph

temple wood

Temple Wood is the site of two circles. The larger circle contains thirteen stones, with evidence that there were seven others, and probably dates from around 3,000 BCE.  Its purpose is uncertain: it is possible that the northern circle was constructed to align with the midday sun on the winter solstice. Collagraph Image size 11x40cm…

crannog - collagraph


Crannogs are lake dwellings. There are many in Loch Awe, probably built about 2,500 years ago. Collagraph Image size 10x15cm Varied edition: 6 prints Sold out

cairn i - collagraph

cairn i

The chambered cairns of Kilmartin Glen in Argyll are mounds of stones, covering a burial chamber.  A neolithic food vessel was found in the chambered cairn at Nether Largie. Collagraph Image size 10x13cm Varied edition: 6 prints Sold out

kelpies - collagraph


In Celtic folklore, the kelpie is a supernatural water horse that haunts rivers and streams. Kelpies are not benevolent: they lure people, especially children, into the water to drown and eat them. Collagraph Image size: 18x26cm Varied edition: 4 prints Sold out.

orchy i - collagraph

orchy I

The West Highland Way runs for 95 miles between Glasgow and Fort William. This image captures a section of the walk between Bridge of Orchy and Inveroran. Collagraph Image size 10x15cm Varied edition: 3 Sold out

obscure - collagraph


Oban’s McCaig’s Tower, obscure in many ways – origin? purpose?  And often hidden by the trees growing around it. Collagraph Image size 10x15cm Varied edition: 2 prints Sold out