tane mahuta and the tui - linocut

tane mahuta & the tui

The largest kauri tree (agathis australis) in New Zealand is Tane Mahuta, 2,000 years old, about 50 metres high with a diameter of over 4 metres. The tui, an endemic New Zealand bird, is easily recognised from the tuft of white feathers at its throat. Linocut Image size: 147×308 mm Edition: 22

London Transport - woodcut

london transport

Transportation of convicts from London to Australia provided a solution to prison overcrowding and established a British colony. This had a devastating effect on the life of indigenous Australians.  The woodcut draws on the style and iconography of Australian artists to depict the departure point for transports. The Thames snakes from Tower Bridge in the…

Ride a cock horse - linocut

ride a cock horse

Ride a cock horse to Banbury Cross to see a fine lady upon a white horse. With rings on her fingers and bells on her toes, she shall have music wherever she goes. The origin and meaning of the rhyme is uncertain. One theory relates it to a pagan spring fertility ritual, in which a…

Gavrinis - linocut


The corridor and central chamber of the Neolithic cairn at Gavrinis are magnificently carved.  The meaning of the carvings and the purpose of the structure is unclear. One theory is that it was a temple dedicated to the Earth Mother. Linocut Image size 15cmx20cm Edition:16

Aotearoa - linocut


Papatuanuku, with moko, tiki and tuatara. In one version of the Maori creation tradition, life was created by earth mother Papatuanuku and sky father Ranginui. Linocut Image size 15cmx20cm Edition: 30


An icon is a type of religious artwork used to inspire meditation or worship, particularly in Catholic and Eastern Orthodox Christian religions. The icon is generally a painting of a venerated person or object such as Jesus, Mary, saints, angels, or the cross. This one is a Roman Catholic favourite: Mary, mother of Jesus Christ.…