kilmartin glen – textile panels

Kilmartin Glen in Argyll is one of the richest prehistoric landscapes in Scotland.

The first panel of each triptych – Rocks & Stones – features standing stones and cup and ring marked rocks.  The second panel – Linear – features the linear cemetery, five cairns – Glebe, Nether Largie North, Nether Largie Mid, Nether Largie South & Ri Cruin – arranged in a three mile line.  The third panel – Temple Wood – is a henge monument.


Linear III 27x90cm

Linear II 36x78cm

Linear I 32x101cm

Kilmartin triptych IV: 90x110cm

Kilmartin triptych III: 90x100cm

Kilmartin triptych II: 83x110cm

Kilmartin triptych I: 83x110cm

Temple wood V: 25x110cm

Temple wood IV: 25x110cm


Layers IV 18x35cm

Layers II 19x43cm

Layers I 28x33cm