Linocut tools

relief prints

Linocuts & woodcuts are RELIEF prints:  the image is created from a plate that holds ink on the surface. I usually create images in linoleum or wood by hand using special gouges.  Oil- or water-based inks are rolled onto the raised areas of the printing block – areas cut away do not print. Ink can…



Cyanotypes are produced using a photographic process developed by engineers to make copies of hand-drawn master plans – blueprints.  Two chemicals – potassium ferricyanide and ferric ammonium citrate – are mixed to create a light-sensitive solution, which is applied to the paper and dried in a dark place.  A digitally-prepared negative is placed on top…

screenprinting James Cook


Screenprints are created by pressing ink indirectly onto paper through a mesh screen. I make small screen prints in my studio and large screen prints using workshop facilities at the Glasgow Print Studio.  I create stencils from paper shapes, hand-drawn or computer-generated images and photographs.  Photo-emulsion stencils are prepared at the Glasgow Print Studio.  The…


I create textile panels & quilts using various techniques – hand or machine quilting, appliqué, embellishment with objects, over-printed.  I use both commercially available fabric, mostly batiks, and and my own digitally-printed fabrics. My fabric designs are available to buy from Spoonflower


The word collage is derived from the French verb coller, ‘to glue’. My collages are made by sticking and stitching various materials – paper, newspaper clippings, book pages, photographs, stamps, wrappers, fabric, scraps, etc. – to a piece of paper, or other substrate. My digital collages (also known as photomontages, or photocollages) are computer-generated -…

handmade books


Handmade books: handprinted concertina books, stacks of prints, sewn or spiral bound together, between handmade hard covers. Other books of photographs or original prints are designed using Adobe Indesign and published through Blurb.

intaglio prints

Collagraphs & etchings are INTAGLIO prints: the image is created from a plate that holds ink in areas below the plate’s surface. I create collagraphs by cutting into and sticking material – paper, card, string, fabric, leaves – onto a thin card base. The finished plate is varnished to enable it to withstand inking and…

further reading

… about printmaking & other stuff If you only read the books that everyone else is reading, you can only think what everyone else is thinking. -haruki murakami Having said that … Screenprinting The Complete Water Based System by Robert Adam and Carol Robertson, Thames & Hudson Drawing for the Artistically Undiscovered by Quentin Blake…