corvette and frigates - screenprint

lallans 94

My screenprint Corvette & Frigates accompanies a poem by Hamish Scott, The Vaige o the Scotia, in the latest edition of Lallans, the journal of the Scots Language Society.

Alice Strange GPS exhibition

featured artist – Glasgow Print Studio

Glasgow Print Studio Ground Floor Gallery Exhibition runs:6-30 October 2017  The sea, once it casts its spell, holds one in its net of wonder forever. -jacques cousteau A house by the sea – a son with an interest in marine biology – a television documentary featuring the Challenger Expedition (1873–76) – a conversation with SAMS…

lallans 89

My woodprint Wood Nymph accompanies a poem by David C Purdie, The Braw Deem Athroot Rue, in the latest edition of Lallans, the journal of the Scots Language Society.

alice strange

the fabric of society

the fabric of society: an exhibition of quilts by Alice Strange Puffin Water Adventures, Albany Terrace, George Street, Oban (Opposite the Pheonix Cinema) – 19-26 November, 2016 – 11am-5pm daily the theme: migration I made these quilts in response to the emergence of immigration as a contested issue during the EU referendum campaign, when I…

Challenger Exhibition

challenger exhibition

The artworks inspired by HMS Challenger’s Expedition of 1873-76 are currently on show at the Scottish Association of Marine Science in Dunbeg.  These works acknowledge and celebrate the courage, determination and achievements of those who explore the unknown to give us a better understanding of our world and ourselves. Viewing by appointment only – please…

Challenger Exhibition SAMS

130 years

The Scottish Association of Marine Science – SAMS – celebrated its 130 year anniversary on 14 November, 2014.  The event included talks, short films, and featured an exhibition of my HMS Challenger-themed works.

2012 Oban winter festival

herring girls

Some twisted Victoriana, celebrating the second Oban Winter Festival. Herring girls followed the herring fishing fleets, to gut and pack the silver darlings. I hope they spent some of their hard-earned cash on party dresses and hats for the post-work ceilidhs … Digital collage 21x30cm