Constantly in a state of becoming

-bob dylan

My mind is fueled by everything I experience: art, science, music, literature, politics, the earth, the sea, the sky, people, memories … I process the input by making stuff.

I choose the medium to suit the message, mostly linocut & screenprint, but also collage, textile, assemblage, cyanotype & paint.

An electrical engineering degree lead to working in the energy industry for twenty years.  Time flies.

Chance meetings with masters of printmaking Thelma Sykes & Eric Martin (I shall be eternally grateful to you both) caused me to take Obi Wan Kanobi’s advice and rethink my life.  I bailed out of the corporate world soon after to study art history at the Open University and make stuff.

Expert tuition & guidance from many people has added mosaic, flax weaving, painting, collagraphy, screenprinting, digital printmaking, bookmaking and laser cutting to my toolbox.  Heartfelt thanks to Maureen Johnston & Simon Rutherford in Christchurch, Ian Gowdie & Alan Anderson in Oban, Gayle Robinson, Ros Lawless, Scott Campbell, Claire Forsyth, Stuart Duffin, Fiona Watson, Robert McSpadyen, Murray Robertson and Jess Copsey at the Glasgow Print Studio, Claire McVinnie & Scott Hudson at the Dundee Contemporary Arts Print Studio and Bob Burridge in his Magic Studio.

I sport a lot of labels: wife, mother, sister, daughter, cousin, niece, aunt and friend, as well as artist.  I laugh, sing, dance, cook, clean, eat, drink, play cards & board games, travel and enjoy silly cat videos.

… appropriation, mimicry, quotation, allusion, and sublimated collaboration consist of a sine qua non of the creative act, cutting across all forms and genres in the realm of cultural production.

-jonathan lethem

I’m inspired by …

  • Picasso’s constant experimentation
  • Duchamp and the many conceptual & performance artists who redefined art, with wit and humour
  • Shiko Munakata’s speed & vitality
  • Goya’s darkness & Beryl Cook’s lightness
  • the other-worldliness of Byzantine icons
  • the style & dissolute lifestyle of Modigliani (good example or terrible warning … ?)
  • Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present
  • Hokusai’s Red Fuji & Gainsborough’s Mrs Siddons
  • the exuberance of Gaudi’s Parc Guell & Josie Martin’s Akaroa garden
  • the search for knowledge – physics, astronomy, biology, chemistry, oceanography, meteorology, …
  • language – poetry, literature, mathematics
  • Scotland, New Zealand and all the oceans & seas between them and skies above them
  • feats of engineering – standing stone circles, lighthouses, spacecraft, computers, bridges, …
  • music … Sparks, Queen, Kate Bush, Pink Floyd, Yes, Dylan, the blues, Muse, Barenaked Ladies….