ancient land vii - textile panel

ancient land vii

Kilmartin Glen is one of Scotland’s most important archaeological landscapes, with over 800 significant sites and monuments dating back over 5000 years. And I live here. This panel features the Kilmartin Glen linear cemetery & some standing stones. Textile panel c.27x65cm Sold

upper largie

upper largie

In Kilmartin, around 3500 BC, a massive timber monument called a cursus was built on a gravel terrace at Upper Largie, the first evidence of neolithic activity there.  It consisted of two lines of parallel lengths of posts that ran for nearly 400 metres.   There are various hypotheses to explain why they were built and…

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Archaeologists, you found stuff? What have you found, what have you found? Well, give us a toothbrush and ten years and we’ll tell you. -eddie izzard