to boldly go - digital

to boldly go

The legacy of the Challenger Expedition persists: more than a century after the expedition, NASA named the Apollo 17 lunar module and a Space Shuttle after the ship, and the Voyager I spacecraft, which left Earth in 1977, is travelling into interstellar space. Digital collage Limited edition: 10 prints 36x150cm

floating worlds - digital - hms challenger

floating worlds

“On the 11th, at 2.50 am, the first iceberg was sighted.  At 5 am sails were furled, and a sounding, trawling, and serial temperatures were taken in 1260 fathoms, Diatom ooze, Station 152.  Up to the time of the Expedition, about 500 species of radiolarian had been identified.  Challenger brought home more than 2,000 new…